NJIO Online Registration is Now Open!


Starting with Fall 2017 registration, everyone will need to complete their registration forms online.  You will have the option to pay by Credit Card or by Check.  There will be a convenience fee of $5-$10 added to your transaction if you pay by Credit Card (amount is determined by size of the transaction). 

If you need assistance in filling out the registration form, you can drop by NJIO and use our computer with Mary Beth’s assistance.   Please email or call Mary Beth to make sure she will be in the office at the time you wish to come by.

To register now, go to www.njio.org  and click on JOIN (tab across top), and Membership Registration Form (second item in the drop down menu).  Follow the instructions. 

If you have any questions, contact Mary Beth Sweet at mbsweet@njio.org or (908) 603-7691.

Want to know more about the 2017-2018 season before registering? Check out what’s in store for next year:

  • NJIO kicks off the Summer with two Chamber Music programs in June and July. The small group sessions, four weeks each, will help you discover the power and beauty of creating music in a chamber ensemble.  That is followed by Summer String Studio in August which will reinforce and extend the musical abilities of string players by systematically strengthening their core music knowledge. We will also have one Open Reading Rehearsal this summer – a preview of both some of the Intermezzo and Symphony music we plan to play next year.  Flute Choir also plans to meet over the summer.  Summer programs are open to the community, so bring a friend with you!
  • Another four Concert Season begins in September.  Warren plans for Symphony to start the season off with Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony (Pastorale.)  We hope to end the season with the well-known choral piece by Coleridge-Taylor: Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast.  Works by Saint-Saëns, Smetana, and Brahms are also on the plan.  A Holiday Concert and pieces with two Rising Talent Concerto Competition Winners round out the season.  Intermezzo will continue to play complementary pieces and Prelude and Flute Choir will perform at each concert.
  • Open House rehearsals (bring a friend! bring multiple friends!) are September 14 and September 21.
  • A trip to NJPAC.  Outreach Ensemble has been invited to play before the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra concert for the October 12 afternoon performance at the NJPAC lobby.  And the NJSO will be playing Beethoven’s Sixth– sound familiar?  NJIO has arranged for discount tickets to be made available for NJIO members.  Should be fun and a great learning experience!

See you in September!

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